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I believe the crisis we are experiencing is a crisis of human consciousness.
After all the years of modern civilization, which we are programmed to believe is our highest form and biggest achievement, and which now leads us to Planet’s biggest crisis, scientist finally find ways to prove truths which our ancient ancestors were living centuries ago. It is very significant, considering we live in the society in which science replaced Gods in many ways.

What world needs more then ever now, what this universe is run by is compassion and love. I think we finally get to the point when being a compassionate person is becoming trendy, when people who built their fun base of power, sex, anger and aggressive illusion of control and strength, finally release in the power of love.  Time when healing of  trendsetters transcends the “cool”, when masks are stripped, knowledge spread and basic truth of “WE ARE ONE” is no longer so painful. I don’t say it with bitterness I say it with relieve.

Theres nothing weak about being full of compassion and forgiveness. In fact it requires the biggest strength to face our biggest enemies ; our overgrown ego, the so over layered image of the self, mind made identity and its importance ,and our deepest traumas and fears. Ego is necessary for survival and social functioning and it can be our best friend, as long as we are able to detach from it and notice the presence behind all our mechanisms.

Why what we need first is compassion?  it is because we are all abused children, in one way or another, we all have traumas and pains we have not faced, nor healed and which when not taken care of, determine our behavior, character and life choices leading to ignorance, fear, prejudice or fight for success at all costs. We need compassion for ourselves and for others. Compassion for each other’s traumas and healing process, compassion for ignorance. We keep hurting each other as individuals and communities out of ignorance, hate and self made or conditioned superiority.

Nature gave as a tool to deal with it all, deal with our pains, by living and expressing our emotions, by offering and receiving support from others, detaching from mind made organ – the ego. The tool is feminine energy hidden in every single one of us, the yin of our yin-yang balance.

Problem is we live in the society which is designed to suppress the feminine around us and in us, from the beginning of our  modern existence. The idea of feminine has been redesigned to serve purpose of business, manipulation and keeping us under control. Our societies have been run by men who denied power of feminine, also within themselves leading to creation of imbalanced world we live in. Every imbalance in nature will lead to downfall.

(R) evolution project exist to create platform for healers, speakers, artist revolutionaries who want to join forces in creative effort of bringing balance to the planet again. We want to open conversation between communities. Bring awareness to our communal traumas, national traumas, race traumas, so that we all can open compassion towards each other, even for ignorant ones for it must come from trauma itself. We need a global healing and healers are needed now more the ever.

join us !